About Us

The eSHIFT Partner Network is a Swiss not-for-profit leader in digital health architecture and information systems implementation founded in 2012 by Anima Gupta Aggarwal, Alim Khan, David Hagan, Steven Uggowitzer, and Susan Holck . We believe strongly that with international cooperation and collaboration we can create sustainable, efficient and practical digital tools which help populations in low and middle-income countries achieve better health outcomes.

Digital Health in Action

Our primary efforts are dedicated to on-the-ground activities in conflict zones and politically complex and/or resource constrained settings.  These range from the use of mobile devices through to the design of national-scale health surveillance systems. This direct implementation experience informs the consulting and training activities eSHIFT provides to the wider global digital health community. Much of this work has been achieved through strong relationships with the DHIS2 and global health information communities. 

Digital Health in Policy

eSHIFT actively participates in global digital health strategy and policy discussions. This ranges from landscape reviews of global health surveillance activities through to the drafting of digital health strategy for key global actors. Increasingly, eSHIFT advocates for specific informed actions that will lead to more sustainable outcomes for digital health systems in LMIC contexts.

Knowledge in Digital Health

We believe in sharing our expertise with members of the global health community to empower them to make better investment decisions related to digital health in LMIC contexts. eSHIFT sponsors a number of workshops and conferences in Geneva and globally for this purpose. eSHIFT also sees the value of building global public goods, including software components, guidelines, workbooks and other such artifacts. We are currently in the early stages of forming a digital health interoperability centre as a hub for training and research and the generation and/or maintenance of global public good outputs.