Our vision:

The health field has changed in a remarkable way since the advent of digital health programs. Our efforts in the past decades have been going towards helping great ideas scale into the national health systems of developing countries so that populations can achieve better health outcomes. We believe strongly that with international cooperation and collaboration we can create sustainable, efficient and practical digital tools.

Our Mission:

Our work has led us to some of the most sensitive and difficult to access areas in the world, in order to reach and help high-risk populations. As an association, our goal is humanitarian, we aim to provide better outcomes for low and middle-income countries. This said, we are engineers and have been exposed to the health world early on. We believe in a private-public collaboration as we are aware of the economics of sustainable models. These are the models we wish to implement.

Our Story:

In 2010, Steven Uggowitzer and David Hagan collaborated on the project “Health Unbound” a joint project between WHO’s Health Metrics Network, the UN Foundation, and the mHealth Alliance to create an online community and dialogue for the international HIS community. At that point, they realized that there was a real need for better communication which would allow better practices for HIS technologies. Today, the association’s actions answer to various problematics: the first one being the ever growing need, from the countries, to get help setting up and maintaining the innovative HIS projects; the concerns expressed by the partners in supply and demand problematics; along with doubts expressed by financing partners concerning the sustainability of the projects on a larger scale (a large number of eHealth projects and mobile health projects do not get past the pilot phase).

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Our office in Geneva:

As an international NGO, our offices are located in Geneva. Our staff is from Canada, New Zealand, England, the United States, France, and Switzerland, and our work carried out around the world where help in implementing sustainable solution is most needed. Our location in Switzerland has proven itself highly convenient in creating a strong network through the organization of meetings, executive conferences and close work with WHO, TGF, and PATH.

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Members and membership :

eSHIFT Partner Network has adopted a unique collaborative approach in order to create sustainable partnerships between international development organizations, national governments, donors and major health actors. Our daily work and long-term goals and are:

– An open and ongoing dialogue of shared experiences & knowledge;
– A collaborative environment through partnerships, strong donor relationships, outsourcing of services to local contractors, non-competition clauses and shared documentation;
– A creative think tank for designing innovative digital solutions to real-life issues experienced locally.

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