The health field has changed in a remarkable way since the advent of digital health programs. Our efforts in the past decades have been going towards helping great ideas scale into the national health systems of developing countries, so that populations can achieve better health outcomes. We believe strongly that with international cooperation and collaboration we can create sustainable, efficient and practical digital tools. Our work has led us to some of the most sensitive and difficult to access areas in the world, in order to reach and help high-risk populations.

"Nous savons que si nous parvenons à mettre en place les outils nécessaires dans les zones les plus difficiles, nous pourrons les mettre en place partout. Notre but est de créer un réseau international nous permettant de faire au mieux notre travail."

Steven Uggowitzer, président de l'association.



Developing and making available best practices, templates, and frameworks that governments, organizations and development partners can use to improve the outcomes of scaling activities.


Rassembler divers acteurs afin d'aligner leurs objectifs concernant les technologies liées à la santé, les innovations dans le but d'obtenir des résultats concrets sur la mise en place de systèmes dédiés à la santé.


Rechercher, tester et promouvoir l'utilisation de mécanismes de financement innovants afin de combler les déficits de financement. Répondre aux défis posés en terme de mise en place à grande échelle et de durabilité des outils. Proposer un incubateur pour des idées innovantes.



Set up a unique environment in which an open and ongoing dialogue of experience and knowledge is openly shared. A collaborative approach, through partnerships, strong donor relationship, outsourcing of services to local contractors, non-competition clauses and shared documentations. In some ways a creative think-tank for designing innovative digital solutions to real-life issues experienced locally.


Based on our experience, the feedback and undeniable evidence, the most important issue that must be considered is the sustainable character of the project, solution or system created. Our goal is to place sustainability as a major priority in all decisions and creative processes. We believe that by implementing sustainable solutions we will be able to focus on the countries needs and not only the solutions. Our goal, by placing sustainability at the forefront of our strategies, is to create Digital Health Sustainability Fund. This fund would help us stay focused on countries where Information systems have been established, gather precious feedback on what worked and what failed, see if and where the systems are suitable or need changes and new useful insights. This fund would also allow us to, create an emergency roster with on-call teams that could respond to technical IT Issues, show interest in projects which were allocated resources but ran out of funds, or even call upon the pool network in order to resolve any issue.If you are interested in our Digital Health Sustainability Fund, get in touch with our team!