Our Projects

At eSHIFT, we strongly believe that through international cooperation and collaboration we can create sustainable, efficient and practical digital tools. We focus on helping great ideas scale into the national health systems of developing countries, so that populations can achieve better health outcomes. Our work has lead us to some of the most sensitive and difficult to access areas in the world, in order to reach and help high-risk populations. We believe that if we can get the work done there, we can get it done anywhere.

Here are some examples of the projects we have collaborated on. Contact us for more details.

National HIS Projects

National-Level HIS System Implementation

Many low- and middle-income countries struggle with health data collection and management to improve access, equity, efficiency and quality of their national health delivery system.  eSHIFT and its partners have designed and implemented national-level HIS systems in five countries and continue to support them. Learn More >

Mobile Emergency Primary Care Units

Mobile Emergency Primary Care Dashboard - Ukraine

People displaced by conflict often face challenges accessing effective primary and emergency care. In 2016, eSHIFT and its partners provided technical assistance and support for the implementation of Mobile Emergency Primary Care Units in Ukraine. Learn More >

100 Core Health Indicators

WHO 100 Core Health Indicators

In 2018 the eSHIFT Partner Network worked with the World Health Organization’s Department of Information, Evidence and Research to package and publish 100 Core Health Indicators for public health trends.  Learn More >

HIS Assessments

HIS assessments

Since its establishment in 2012, the eSHIFT Partner Network has performed a number of health information system (HIS) assessments in low- and middle-income countries. These assessments serve to determine the extent to which current HIS solutions meet the existing needs of the country, and which areas to focus on to improve and effectively support ongoing disease prevention and control interventions. Our partners are also commissioned to undertake global health information reviews on behalf of the International Community to investigate issues of global concern (Influenza, Ebola, Accelerated Vaccine Introduction etc.)

AMR and TB Surveillance

AMR and TB Surveillance

Recently the eSHIFT Partner Network has been assisting in the design, development and implementation of national anti-microbial resistance and tuberculosis surveillance platforms, with the purpose of developing a standardized software stack that can be implemented in multiple settings to facilitate effective data collection. Learn More >