AMR and TB Surveillance

The eSHIFT Partner Network is currently assisting in the design, development and implementation of national anti-microbial resistance and tuberculosis surveillance platforms, with the purpose of developing a standardized software stack that can be implemented in multiple settings to facilitate effective data collection.

This digital health platform is designed to provide a one-stop service for connecting diverse input data sources, to multiple destination endpoints, using interoperability. The platform includes data warehousing and data reporting capabilities as well as providing a method for integration with the users chosen ‘participating systems’. The platform has been optimised for use in LMIC’s and is fully configurable. It also comes with turnkey configurations for TB management and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) surveillance. The consortium of suppliers that contribute and support this platform have extensive experience in connecting diagnostic devices (including GeneXperts), reporting and surveillance (with a particular focus on DHIS2) and system interoperability (previous integrations with eTB Manager and VTIMES).

The platform has a modular design which allows the end user to pick and choose which components are most suitable for their environment. By implementing a so called ‘service orientated architecture’ the platform provides a method for rapidly prototyping technology solutions that best suit the needs of the user.